Project 'Symbiosis'

“People are forever changing, and life is changing.” As our world continues to shift and adapt to the global pandemic, a symbiosis emerges between many parts of life. People adapt, and so too do the structures that surround them. This new project, fittingly titled ‘Symbiosis’, celebrates this newfound interconnectedness between the many facets of the world.

Through ‘Symbiosis’, the team behind this series hope to weave themes of old and new, capturing a “mutualistic relationship between organic living arts, working in harmony with inanimate artwork”.


The Voice Of Fashion

Fashion Week March 2022: Physical and Back in Business

In terms of shows, for the first time, an ‘Atelier’ format is also being explored—a multidisciplinary space that offers the freedom to manoeuvre the mood to match the creations.

Designer Anvita Sharma, founder of the gender-fluid brand Two Point Two, will showcase in the space as the winner of NEXA presents The Spotlight—a competition for emerging designers.


FDCI X LFW Fashion Week


“Face and embrace that chaos instead of hiding from it.”

“This philosophy is very personal to me as it speaks about my emotional journey. I read somewhere: “the wind extinguishes a candle but energises fire”. So I decided to be like that fire instead and be anti-fragile. I chose to embrace the turmoil and manoeuvre it to my advantage. It is only then, that one achieves growth and perspective.” says designer Anvita Sharma


Times of India

Huma Qureshi- Saqib Saleem walk the ramp for Two Point Two by Anvita Sharma

Among the very few designer labels in India that are doing something quirky and out-of-the-box season after season is Two Point Two by Anvita Sharma. The label known for its androgynous and inclusive fashion did a special show sponsored by NEXA at the ongoing FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week and wowed the onlookers with her eye-catchy collection.



Huma Qureshi plays showstopper to Two Point Two Studio in a blazer dress at the FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week

Make way to treat your eyes to all that’s going to make noise for good this summer. Check out what Designer Anvita Sharma was up to today at the fashion show.


MFA Boston

Gender Bending Fashion Traces a Century of Style That Dares to Break the Rules

This spring, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), opens the first major museum exhibition to examine the long-intertwined relationship between fashion and gender. Gender Bending Fashion (on view March 21–August 25, 2019) features more than 60 boundary-pushing contemporary designs alongside dozens of 20th-century garments and photographs, illustrating a rich history of individuals disrupting, blurring and seeking to transcend a traditional division between men’s and women’s clothing over the last 100 years.



Two Point Two named Winner of Scouting for India 2019

The Soho House in Mumbai, one of the latest international residencies dedicated to creatives and key industry people, served as the setting for the second edition of Scouting For India. The project, developed by Vogue Talents in collaboration with the Indian branch of FAD – Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style, featured eight emerging brands brand Made in India, selected last February.



Two Point Two by designer Anvita Sharma looks beyond social constructs to carve out a space for fashion that is backed by values of inclusivity.

Winner of NEXA presents ‘The Spotlight’ at FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week, Two Point Two by designer Anvita Sharma clearly resonated with NEXA’s core values – Explore, Embrace, Rebel – as well as their tag line “Create and Inspire”.



The Biggest Highlights From FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week

The collection witnessed complex construction and graphic manipulation of decorating surfaces. There was a clever play of negative and positive spaces in the clothes, which were interesting surprises that hit you once the clothes moved to give you a rounded view.


Harper's Bazaar

These Indian brands are serving us the best genderless looks
Blurring the lines never looked this good.

It takes one quick look through the gram to know that today’s fashion is all about bending those gendered boundaries, to slip into whatever you want, regardless of what’s trending. If you prefer comfort over corsets—by all means, own it.


Miss Malini

Day 3 Of FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week Was An Ode To Metallics And Shimmer

Day 3 of the FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week was full of mystique and magic, it seemed. From subtle and muted tones to all things glitter and glam, we got to see a fun and balanced mix of many different styles. Each collection left us wanting more and we were certainly not left disappointed!


Not Just A Label

Two Point Two as a brand is Agender and aims to create a third identity which stands for neither of the binaries and yet for both. So we incorporate the colors, details and silhouettes which might be categorically considered feminine or masculine and we form an amalgamation of both, thus blurring the line differentiating the two.

We understand and accept that anatomy differs among the genders but Two Point Two believes in uniting and celebrating these differences instead of restricting people based on them.


Platform Creative Lifestyle

Designer Anvita Sharma of Two Point Two Studio was never someone who indulged in pretend play of being a doctor, teacher or a cook as a child — she would custom design clothes for her friends and would treat them as her customers. Hailing from a family of doctors and professors, she began her journey with Economics and Finance, but it never felt right to her. What followed was a Masters in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni in Paris. Anvita’s journey with Two Point Two started with a very succinct question, one that we ought to ask ourselves too.



Two Point Two at Lakmé Fashion Week winter/festive 2018


Lifestyle Asia

As the boundaries between menswear and womenswear blur, there is a new school of designers taking over the contemporary fashionscape who focus on the individual and not their gender, culture, race, or size. One such label is Delhi-based Two Point Two by Anvita Sharma.

An all-inclusive, sustainable, and anti-conformist label, it aims to create an agender narrative.


The Voice Of Fashion

Basking in her recent win at the Future of Fabric contest, designer Anvita Sharma bolsters her commitment to gender-neutral, functional fashion

A “puzzle” is how Anvita Sharma, founder of fashion brand Two Point Studio, describes her winning deasign for the recent Future of Fabric contest. Organised by the Seoul-headquartered textile company SwatchOn, the contest invited design creatives from around the world to create a singular, thought-provoking look.


Lux Responsible Culture

Anvita Sharma founded her Delhi-based fashion label Two Point Two to celebrate individuality through genderless collections that reject all forms of stereotyping and categorisation. Following the launch of the brand’s latest collection at London Fashion Week, Abigail Hodges speaks to the designer about the concept of beauty, self-expression and acceptance



The cool kids of queer fashion: Two Point Two by Anvita Sharma and Asit Barik

The liberal label’s installation at Queer Aesthetics Now! echoes with the radical energy that stems from agender clothing

Label talk: Two.Two identifies as an agender brand that aims to create a third identity, which stands for neither of the binaries and yet for both.


Fashion Week Online

Two Point Two is a genderless, all-inclusive, non- demographic and anti-conformist fashion label from India. It celebrates individuality, confidence and diversity. It aims to create an “agender” identity, which stands for neither of the binaries and yet for both. Two Point Two believes that beauty exists in every soul and it’s all about accepting and endorsing. We focus on the individual and not their gender, culture, race or size and support them to express their individuality through clothing even if it’s something unusual.


Arab News

Indian label Two Point Two makes catwalk debut at LFW

“Two Point Two is a genderless, anti-conformist, all-inclusive brand. We don’t cater to any particular gender or any particular size,” declared designer Anvita Sharma at London Fashion Week’s Fashion Scout.


Zuzu Valla

Two Point Two’s first collection got selected for Lakme Gen Next Award leading to our runway show at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, India.
We showcased again at Lakme Fashion week the following season.

We won the prestigious Vogue Talents Award “Scouting for India” 2019 by Vogue Italia and FAD which led us to showcase our collection at the Vogue Talents Exhibit during Milan Fashion Week in September 2019.


Lakme Fashion Week 2018 W/F: A look at Two Point Two’s collection

The third day of ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive edition started off on a glistening note. As Bollywood diva, Huma Qureshi walked the runway with her brother and actor Saqib Saleem for Anvita Sharma and Asit Barik’s label Two Point Two.


The Luxury Chronicle

India – Designer Anvita Sharma selected for ‘Nexa Presents The Spotlight’ at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week

Since its inception two seasons ago, ‘NEXA presents The Spotlight’ has given talented designers the opportunity to showcase their work at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week. In its third edition this season, the program, after a competitive selection process has announced label ‘Two Point Two’ by designer Anvita Sharma, as the winner.


Times Of India

Genderless and inclusivity showcase at Fashion Week

Since its inception two seasons ago, ‘NEXA presents The Spotlight’ has given talented designers the opportunity to showcase their work at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week. In its third edition this season, the program, after a competitive selection process has announced label Two Point Two by designer Anvita Sharma, as the winner.


Fashion Crossover London

This London Fashion Week the best-dressed guests did not let the horrid weather conditions unique interfere with their plans to discover what talent the British capital had to offer this season. As a platform supporting emerging and graduate talent, this season we took it upon ourselves to suss out the freshest and hottest labels of the upcoming season. Curious as to which labels you should be keeping on you eye on? Read on!



LFW: TWO POINT TWO Fall Winter 2020.21 Collection

Discover Two Point Two‘s Fall Winter 2020.21 collection, that celebrates individuality, diversity and confidence, presented on Friday, February 14th, during the ongoing London Fashion Week.



Huma Qureshi Turns Showstopper For Two Point Two Studio at Lakme Fashion Week 2022

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