The desire to compartmentalize gender, setting the males and females separately across two sections of a valley that cannot be allowed to meet is what Two Point Two as a brand challenges. It aims to create an “agender” identity i.e a third identity, which has characters from maybe both the binaries or maybe neither. Androphilia and gynephilia are terms used in behavioral science to describe sexual orientations, as an alternative to the binaries. Combining these two together defines appropriately our theme of not giving importance to the gender separation. So we amalgamate the colors, details and silhouettes which might be categorically considered feminine or masculine. We understand and accept that anatomy differs among the genders but Two Point Two believes in uniting and celebrating these differences instead of restricting people based on them. The thinking of associating things with something obvious or stereotyping is what we want to annihilate. Also, the oversized nature of our clothing plays on the fact that the same garment could be worn by many shapes, sizes and genders thus removing the differences among them; because the things that unite us are greater than our differences. We aim to remove the physical body from our clothing altogether.