The profound beauty of nature has always been intensly euphoric for me whether it’s the complexities of structures and dimensions that nature presents us with or the simplistic interrelation and arrangements that exist between diverse species, nature has and will always be extremely inciting and igniting. The research on flora being the most conventional point of inspiration made me tumble upon the works of a British photographer Levon Biss. His project Microsculpute which contains beautiful photographs of the tiniest beings on this planet left me in awe. This led us to dedicate our SS19 collection to these tiny creatures and to explore the immense beauty these unconventionally beautiful creatures possess. Beetles being the largest group of living organisms knows to science, can be found everywhere from pole to pole, according to entomologist Stephen Marshall. They exhibit such unique varied patterns and shapes. Two Point Two celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of living beings and by depicting the shapes and patterns on these tiny living creatures in our embroideries and silhouettes, we celebrate these unconventional beauties for this collection. The fabrics used are Banana Crepe, Organza, Cotton Poplin, Giza Cotton, Cotton Suiting of various compositions. The juxtaposition of flowy and structured fabrics are inspired by the hardened forewings of the beetles, which serve as armor to protect the more delicate flight wings and soft abdomen underneath. The materials in the embroideries used are silk and cotton threads, sequence, zari threads, Dabka wire.